GET 10 SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER YOU MAKE is proudly supporting the “Grow 10 Trees” project by donating 10 seeds for every yoga order you make.

 You can grow and keep your trees or donate them back to Nature.

Together we can make a difference and help our environment flourish!



Grow your own trees

You will be receiving the seeds together with all the instructions on how to sow them and make them grow into healthy saplings

ABOUT The “grow 10 trees” project

The ‘Grow 10 Trees‘ Project has been created for pro-active citizens who are willing to grow and nurture at least 10 local trees or plants, hence the name, though members are encouraged to grow much more than just ten saplings. These will eventually be used for afforestation projects within the Maltese Archipelago once suitable areas are earmarked with the help of schools, Local Councils, Central Government or other NGOs. The greater the number of ACTIVE members, the larger will be the pool of trees to combat the shortage available for such projects. The ‘Grow 10 Trees‘ Project is aimed at anyone who has a love for local trees and plants and is willing to find a very small corner in the garden, yard or even balcony to grow a few local species.

The hardest part in all of this is to find sites (ideally public) where to plant the saplings grown by the members themselves. For this very reason, G10T wholeheartedly encourages members to take an ACTIVE role in locating and securing areas for possible afforestation by liaising with Local Councils, Authorities, Schools or even their places of work.

We encourage you to follow and support the “Grow 10 Trees” Project on their facebook page or web 

G10T Project has planted over 1858 trees throughout Malta & Gozo

get your 10 seeds

Order any yoga item and will get you the seeds with your order delivery or posted by mail separately depending on seeds availability at the moment of order/delivery.